Hello again!

If you’re coming here directly: I’m Dan Turner, an interaction and product designer with a passion for thoughtful, research-based work that helps real people solve real problems.

I help teams and companies practice critical thinking about what problems need to be solved, for whom, and how we can learn what impact we might have in the world for the better. It can be the more challenging path, but in my experience it leads both to better and more successful products as well as better, happier, and more effective teams.

If you want a quick overview of my past positions and education, there’s a resume (PDF) for download. For more details and case studies, feel free to download my portfolio (PDF). If you digest your information more in LinkedIn format, here’s my LinkedIn profile.

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Mid-Pacific Information and Communications Technologies Center (mpict.org)
Interaction Design Intensive, Jun 2014

San Francisco State University, Interaction Design I
"One of the highest rated instructors all semester"


Former NorCal/Nevada district champion, member of the 501(c)(3) team KaiVelo, current USAC certified coach.

Photo by  Aaron Leiseur

Photo by Aaron Leiseur