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Editorial Positions

  • Contributing Writer, Technology Review, 2006-2009
  • Contributing Editor and Blogger, eWeek.com, 2005-2008
  • Contributing Editor, Ziff-Davis Media, 2001-2008
  • Senior Editor, MacWEEK.com, 1998-2000
  • Contributing Writer, I.D. magazine, 1997-2000
  • Associate Editor, MacWEEK and eMediaweekly
  • Reviews Editor, MacAddict, 1996-1997


         ASIS&T Book of the Year


A List Apart

Why We Should All Be Data Literate

Design, White Lies & Ethics

The Pastry Box Project

Do We Really Need More UX Designers? Or Better UX Designers?

Boxes and Arrows

We Don't Research. We Build.

Academic Papers

A Muddle of Models of Motivation for Using Peer-to-Peer Economy Systems (Honorable Mention, CHI 2015)

'MASTerful' Matchmaking in Service Transactions: Inferred Abilities, Needs and Interests versus Activity Histories (CHI 2016)

Why Users Disintermediate Peer-to-Peer Marketplaces (CHI 2017)

KQED Pop Blog

San Francisco: The Epicenter of Visual Storytelling

Podcasting About Comics Is Like Dancing About Architecture


Balancing Research and Action, Or: “Use Tools, Don’t Be One” – a discussion sparked by a Google Ventures Design Sprint

Empathy and Design: A Roadmap

How Startups Founders Can Be Like Iraq Warhawks

Is the Design World Becoming a Broken Gift Economy?

Getting Design in Your Bones

The "Yes Session"

UX Magazine

A Tablet Still is Not a Book... Not Yet

Designing Down from Science Fiction: A Staged Approach

Technology Review

The Secret of Apple Design (Cover Story)

Just the Facts: Why We Invaded Iraq (Charles Ferguson interview)

Can Cell Phones on Planes Be Dangerous?

How to Hack an Election

Groups Think: The Center for Collective Intelligence

Microsoft Moves Into Robotics

Virtual Contractors

Public Offering (Review of "We Are Smarter Than Me")

Evading the Google Eye

The New York Times

A Comic Strip Takes Video Games Seriously (Almost)


The Age of Nvidia (Part 1)

The Age of Nvidia (Part 2)

A Worm in the Apple?

Apple Gilds the Lily


Index of my articles, including coverage of the UTSA and SCA issues raised in Apple Computer Inc. v. Does.

PC Magazine

Index of my articles

The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Global Campus Meets a World of Competition

Georgia Tech Plays Video Games to Save Journalism (Ian Bogost profile)

San Jose Business Journal

Networking and Wireless Define Valley Telecom


Mat Black and Blue: Wrestling Domination


Feed Feature: The Microsoft Mitosis

Feed Daily: Valley Go Home

Feed Daily: The Financial World's New Journalism

Feed Daily: The Macromedia Oscars

Feed Daily: Apple's Shifty Internet Strategy

Feed Daily: Microsoft's Beef with Slashdot

Feed Daily: Microsoft's New Marketing

Feed Daily: Deus Ex

Feed Daily: Playstation 2

Feed Daily: Good Apple


Book reviews for Boston Book Review (sample quoted here) and the San Francisco Chronicle

Hardware and software reviews for CNet, ZDNet, MacAddict, ExtremeTech, and PCMag