Daniel Drew Turner: Interaction Design and User Research

A graduate of MIT and the UC Berkeley School of Information, I’m a strong advocate for the user and user-centered design. I also have a background in research and journalism. This taught me to question assumptions while being able to tell people to explain things to me as though I were five years old.

Critical thinking is a key part of my work, and a key part of what I'll bring to any project or product. Too often we get caught up in building, or applying a cool new tool, without asking the basic questions of, "What problem does this solve, for whom, and how do we know this?"

I can promise I'll always bring that thinking to bear, all in service of producing a better result for the user. And that makes for a better product and return for you.

I put the "why?" in UX.

Featured writer for Boxes and Arrows, UX Magazine, KQED Pop Culture blog. Chapter co-author of the UX textbook, "The Discipline of Organizing". Guest lecturer at General Assembly.

This summer and fall I will be teaching Interaction Design at San Francisco State University and for the Mid-Pacific Information and Communication Technology Center (

Currently based in the SF Bay Area, I’m really, really interested in taking what I’ve learned, working collaboratively, and helping shape tools for journalists, researching the future of news, and working on educational projects and tools.

I carry with me two lessons I've learned from being a designer and a journalist.

If you know how an app works, then you are not the user.

If your mother tells you she loves you, get a second source.

When I’m not mulling over why the rule of thirds seems to work, or figuring out how this or that could work better, I’m reading policy and/or comics, on my bikes, or trying to share my love of magazines and books.

I have lectured at General Assembly, mentored at Code for America, and led design and development teams to win awards at a range of hackathons for public-good projects. Let me help you figure out what problems you can solve, and we can build a better world together.

– daniel drew turner

(Contact: ddt at twoangstroms dot com)