Recent Projects

Internal Tool for Google (contract through the Potato Inc.)

FBG process.png
FBG paper.png
FBG concepts.png

At the design agency Potato, I researched systems and build service design templates to help build an MVP for a new Google internal tool for managing a nationwide service in a new market. I also contributed to building the information architecture, component system, and designed and tested prototypes. Details currently under NDA.

Open Garden

As Lead Product Designer, I helped the company go from a technical idea to a fully usable and highly rated mobile application on Android and iOS.

BTG Talent Portal

Working with Laura Klein, helped research user and stakeholder needs, then led IA and interaction design for a new, responsive web site.

hOurMobile Mobile Timebanking

As researcher and the primary interaction designer, I took research and created new features and designs for a new reference design for timebanking apps.

Clorox Professional and TouchPoint

OneDrop Service Design

gsjam One Drop service design.jpg


Led the research-based redesign of Clorox's Professional web site. Seeing the usability gains for customers, Clorox contracted us to design a tablet app for their mobile sales force.

Civic Apps

snapmapper sm.png

Born from real needs of food-insecure people, the SNAPMapper app won at civic hackathons and was cited by Code for America.

Information Architecture for Fluid

Contract IA work for Fluid Inc. Led building a new taxonomy and site structure for major commercial good client.

Led the OneDrop team, designing a service-design-based system for helping homeless populations gain access to clean water. Winner, 2016 Global Service Design Jam, San Francisco.

Voting Advice App


Working at the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, I led research and prototyping of a voting advice app for emerging African democracies.

Community Organizing

Moderator of the Ethics channel on the User Experience Design Slack channel, which hosts conversation and community for engaged designers and thinkers around the world. Former mentor for Code for America, volunteer at Open Oakland, organizer of Designer Hangout Meetup.

For a design challenge, conducted research, interaction, and motion design for a mobile app to connect parents and caretakers. Also designed web-based dashboard companion for pediatricians.

The Discipline of Organizing


Chapter co-author of the first edition of this graduate-level textbook on information architecture and its application in technology and design.

Heuristic Evaluation

I recommended and conducted the evaluation of a shipping app based on the developer's tight time frame and limited programming resources. The goal was to find, within a week, the top trouble spots to address for the next revision of the iOS app.