Worst Product Placement?

Vodka-brand vodka and tinned "Steak". In the same bin in, I assume, the freezer. Why would one put tins of meat in the freezer? Funny thing that negatively affected my enjoyment of "Fringe" in general -- for all the dialog notes that the world was falling apart, and things like water, clean air, and pens (?) were rare, almost every interior or exterior shot showed a world full of well-dressed and shod people in lovely houses. Apparently these hellish dystopias have higher living standards than 99% of our own world, which I don't think is all that bad.

(This is how I spent part of my injury recovery -- started watching before I remembered this was another *spitsonground*J.J. Abrams*spitsonground* show.)


From the Season 3 finale of "Fringe"