A Data-Driven Journalism Reading List

This arose from an attempt to augment the readings in the syllabus for the Knight Center online course in data-driven journalism. Some other students helped me with suggestions and revisions. Thanks and follow #datajmooc! 

Data Visualization

Data Journalism

Journalism in General

  • Wheelan, Charles. "Naked Statistics"
  • Goldacre, Ben. "Bad Science"
  • Cohen, Sarah. "Numbers in the Newsroom"
  • Cohm Victor. "News and Numbers" Iowa State University Press, Ames. 1989.
    Huff, Darrell, "How to Lie with Statistics" W. W. Norton & Company, New York. 1954 (renewed 1984)
  • Paulos, John Allen. "Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Consequences" Vintage Books, New York. 1990.
  • Paulos, John Allen. "A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper" Anchor Books, New York. 1995. (Also, check out the tape from Paulos keynote address at NICAR 2002 in Philadelphia)

Data Visualization Tools

  • Data wrapper:  - http://datawrapper.de/
  • Highcharts: http://www.highcharts.com/demo

Mapping Tools

Finding Data

  • http://www.inside-r.org/howto/finding-data-internet