On a Whim: Blue Note

Since I had a few free minutes, I thought I'd take a stab at making an album cover for the long-lost but seminal music stylings of one Jeff Lester (not to be confused with cover act Jeffster). Though Lester's later work is more in the power blues-ballad-metal-folk genre, after uncovering an archival photo of Jeff I thought to go in a Blue Note direction. Granted, this took all of five minutes. Blue Note covers are better. But never shall we match the artistry of Lester's pipes combined with that unique harpsichord-and-fuzz-base sound. In his Blue Note work, one can hear fresh, new iterations on Miles Davis' post-"Bitches Brew" arpeggios, a hint of jazz fusion, and an eerie presaging of Dave Mustaine years before Mustaine recorded.