Slides are Go

The one-week intensive for community college instructors was fun and educational for both the participants and, well, me. We in this field of UX, to a degree that's so sad as to preclude irony, fail to research and be aware of the needs of so many of the students in the world. They don't have the luxury of choosing to be "a creative"; a class in the basics of Excel may enable them to get a job in data entry and that's a happy step up from their circumstances.

So what's not shown in these slides, which I would add were I to teach this course again, are vocational points, which I tried to incorporate on the fly. These include: you don't need to be "in tech" to work in UX; which process I covered could be careers in themselves (e.g. user research, usability testing) and what skills students would need to develop; various educational interests that translate well to careers (e.g. psych or sociology).

In any case, to make it easier to step through the slides, here are links in order or presentation. For some reason SlideShare doesn't offer a "list by name" option.

Module 01: Intro and Definitions of UX

Module 02: The Psych of UX

Module 03: UX Thinking

Module 04: User Research

Module 05: Personas and Scenarios

Module 06: Maps and Flows

Module 07: Wireframes

Module 08: Responsive Web Design

Module 09: Prototypes

Module 10: Usability Testing

Overall, it was a great experience, I hope for everyone involved. I'll soon post photos and screenshots of what the participants researched and built in just a few days.