Actual Job Listing in the World of #UX

Highlights include:

Actual illegal age constraint (hel-looo, EEOC)

Buzzword compliance, while demonstrating lack of understanding of said buzzwords

Contradictions ("It's ok if you have little or no experience in UX/UI" followed by "User Experience")


Actual listing below:

We have a vision for our early stage startup but we need help completing it. That’s where you come in. Help us discover our identity, define our brand, and ingrain creativity into our culture.
Who we’re interested in:
Someone 20’s or 30’s
It’s ok if you have little or no experience in UX/UI - we’re looking for people with an eye for design
Willing to learn what he/she does not know, willing to adapt to startup life
Able to execute (draw/wireframe/sketch)
Able to identify good design and user experience and reproduce
Able to communicate their ideas
Someone who will be a core member of the team
Establish design as a core value of the company
Potential co-founder
First hire
The idea is, it won’t be full-time right away. We want to do some trial projects together.
More of a multi-project relationship
Keep the relationship alive
Someone we get to know really well
Big design efforts
Small experiments
Have someone in the room who is very focused on the user and experience
Optional part-time arrangement. Ex: 2 days per week, 15 hours per week, etc.
Full-time after a few successful projects together
NOT interested in a unicorn
Unicorn = someone who can do everything (coding, design, user interface, etc.)
NOT the most expensive, amazing, world-class designer
We are still pretty young and have time to experiment with several ideas, so a branding expert who charges $5k per project might not make sense
Someone who advocates for the user
Current team members are focusing on many different things
Scott - data and code
John - product and fundraising
Designer?? - focus on the user
Willing to go in new/diff directions. Perhaps the person is well-versed in Photoshop, but does not know a whole lot about iterating various UX techniques. However, they’re eager to learn.
Understands or is passionate about what we’re doing
Super geeky. Is really, really into X.
X could be:
photoshop, fireworks, etc
User Experience
Wireframes (Balsamiq)
User Context
We spent some time defining who we think our user is. We put this information in the Context doc.
Other Website Evaluation
We have done some exercises on ‘what makes good design’. We put this information in the Website Evaluation doc."