The Design of Design Links

What “Intuitive” Really Means by Fabricio Teixeira

Fabricio Teixeira has long been an organizer of thoughtful talk around design, and he delivers a good and quick overview of thinking about the word “intuitive”. I was once at a Product Tank talk by a tenured CompSci prof with a Ph.D. in psychology and a well meaning student asked, “What do I do to make my product intuitive?” The prof earned his pay right there by being patient and walking the student through her preconceptions about what that word meant. Does she know how to drive? Is that intuitive? Fabricio similarly moves to reframe the requirement towards something that aligns with how humans work and how designers can build.

4 Steps for Choosing the Right Projects for Your UX Portfolio by Sarah Doody

Big fan of Sarah. And I should read this until I see it on the inside of my eyelids. Of course, you may not have more than four projects, or you may dread revising your portfolio even once.

77 Words UX/UI Designers Use by Johny Vino

Reminds me of the “Shit Interaction Designers Say” video, which actually looks fairly benign compared to how reality has shaken out.